Social Media


During my time as a web content editor for the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) at Purdue University, I was tasked with developing Snapchat Geofilters for the college's annual "Love Liberal Arts Week." My main responsibility centered around designing the Geofilters to meet the requirements of both Snapchat and the CLA marketing team. When given hand-drawn sketches of the desired design, I used Adobe Photoshop to develop the final products. All three Geofilters were approved and utilized across campus during the event (Feb 13-17, 2017). The final products and the data analytics are shown below:

Snapchat Title Hours Launched Swipes Uses Views
Tshirt 59 2242 225 1428
Shakespeare 62 2201 139 1654
Boiler Train 105 3402 542 5117


As the Social Media Manager for the Black Sheep, I used weekly Google Analytics data to measure the account's performance from week to week. Through communication with upper management, I identified areas of success as well as opportunity for improvement. I targeted posts to specific time frames and conducted following sprees soon after posting to increase engagement with the account. I used Tweetdeck, Feedly, and Crowdfire to help expand the Black Sheep's social media presence by over 50% (+1200 followers) during Fall 2016.


From 2015-16, I led the social media marketing campaign for Purdue Cooperative Housing. A cooperative house is a home for a group of Purdue students who collaborate and take care of their houses, cook meals, plan philanthropies and social events, and encourage academic success for their members. As the executive director of public relations, I utilized the marketing team's $3500 budget to spread Facebook posts to users across the state of Indiana. Behind the efforts of the marketing team, there was a 33% increase in housing applicants from the previous year.