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As a recent graduate from Purdue University, I received Bachelor's degrees in both Computer Graphics Technology and Web Development, with minors in Management and Psychology. I am currently the marketing coordinator for Modernfold in Greenfield, IN.

Though most of my experience resides in digital marketing, I also have strong interests in social media, user experience, and graphic design. In a typical work environment, my primary goal has been to recognize a brand's audience as precisely as possible to fully understand the scope of the tasks at hand.


User Experience

During my time as an undergraduate at Purdue, I practiced several UX techniques, with a strong focus on the development of task flows and information architectures.

Social Media

A frequent social media user since 2011, I held multiple positions for marketing and entertainment purposes and rapidly increased each brand's audience.

Web Design

Web design is currently a skill on the rise, in which I expanded my capabilities as a web content editor for the Purdue Liberal Arts Department.

Online Writing

Through positions in public relations, social media, and user experience, I developed strategies to effectively write for various audiences.

Graphic Design

I utilized graphic design skills in many positions, including advertising, marketing, web development, and social media.

Data Analysis

For eight summers, I collected data and developed graphs/tables for Purdue Horticulture researchers. In addition, I used Google Analytics to guide my social media efforts.



Work samples coming soon!!

Sam's Seven

Blog. Lists or ranks seven random things in sports. Upgraded design coming soon.


Social Media

Through multiple positions within the field of social media, I used various strategies to enhance the presence of different brands while using my skills in graphic design, data analysis, and online writing.



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